10 Things Steve Jobs Can Teach Us About how long does refrigerator filter last

I have never been one of those people who had a refrigerator that lasted forever, but I have to admit that I used to. It was the day I bought my first fridge in 2003 and I was so excited that I didn’t leave the store without one! For years I waited until it was the weekend to get one, and it still wouldn’t hold any more.

I have a friend who says that she has one that will last more than two years. So I think you can get a new one every two years or so.

I would say that no matter what the length of the fridge, its filter is a good thing. The filter is the part of the fridge that filters out all the things that go into the fridge, and also kills all of the micro-organisms in the refrigerator. While I wouldnt argue against a long lasting fridge, I do think that the filter is a good thing.

I have one that lasts a LOT longer than my friend’s. Mine is six years and five months and I have had no problem with the filter. I have never had any problems with the filter but I’m sure my friend does. I wouldn’t worry about it too much.

I have a friend who’s refrigerator is a few years old. It has a nasty filter that is only supposed to last a couple of months. It has a filter that is supposed to kill 95% of the micro-organisms in the refrigerator, but I have yet to find that it does. I am very concerned about the filter, but if you’re concerned about the micro-organisms, you might as well get the filter.

Some refrigerator filters have a life expectancy of two years or more, and others a couple years. What’s a couple years? What’s a few years? A few years ago, most refrigerator filters were sold with a life expectancy of two years or less.

In an ideal world, refrigerator filters would be disposable. I think that most people have a misconception that the refrigerator filter is a life line, but the truth is that the filer is a health line. It is not a life line, but it comes with a couple of years of use, and the life expectancy is good.

The filter is a good health line. A filter is a filter, but you’re also getting a couple years of use out of it. Most filters are good for a couple years, but some may be good for a couple years and some may be good for a couple years, but not too long.

The refrigerator filter is not as powerful as it’s name suggests. While it is a great health line, it does not last forever. A filter should last an average of five years. The average life expectancy for a refrigerator filter is about two years.

If youre really counting, your filter will last about nine months, but it will also last a little longer. One month is a good average. Thats because refrigerator filters are also important for the environment. They arent just there to filter out stuff and keep the fridge clean. They are there to filter out harmful stuff that pollutes the air. And with an average filter, youre getting about a year of use out of it.

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